Outstanding climate benefit

Biomethanol as a replacement for fossil fuels will provide an outstanding climate benefit. Biomethanol can be used in both internal combustion engines and fuel cells.

Comparing emissions from 100 000 tonnes of different fuel sources

Comparison of CO2 emissions from different fuels. Because biomethanol is carbon-neutral, it has net zero CO2 emissions.

Methanol burns clean

Internal combustion engine – converted to methanol

SOX         = O

NOX         = 60% emission reduction

Partikler = 95 % emission reduction (5% from lube oil)

CO2         = 0 (carbon-neutral)

Fuel cells with methanol (H2)

SOX          = 0

NOX          = 0

Particles  = 0

CO2          = 0 (carbon-neutral)

Together with our partners, we are also working to develop solutions for creating systems able to capture CO2 – which would provide a carbon-negative propulsion system.