Low risk profile

Biomethanol as a hydrogen carrier has a low risk profile compared with the other hydrogen alternatives.

Safety first!

Safety is the most important parameter related to production, distribution, storage and use of chemicals or fuels/energy carriers.

Methanol compares very favourably with the most relevant alternatives.

Source: Proman


Biomethanol (CH3OH) must be handled with care, but these procedures will not differ in any significant way from those established for petrol and diesel oil.

As a very efficient hydrogen carrier, this product therefore greatly simplifies distribution and storage of hydrogen, and refuelling with it.


Hydrogen (H2) must be compressed and stored under high pressure to be distributed as  fuel, which calls for robust and space-intensive tank systems. It also poses a high risk.

The potential threat of explosion requires space for necessary safety zones.


Ammonia (NH3) is toxic and, in the event of leaks, can pose substantial hazards both locally and for the climate in a wider perspective. Adequate safety systems which drive up costs must therefore be installed for refuelling, distribution and use.