You can help to win the climate race. We are phasing out fossil chemicals and fuels with renewable methanol.

Want to help build our management?

We are in the initial phase of establishing a management team which will work to finance and establish our first production unit in Norway. It will also seek to establish alliances for raw material supply and to develop technology and our priority markets.

A team will be created in the near future to develop our strategic expertise and capacity in order to handle our activities upstream and downstream.

This involves developing markets and sales, realising the first of several production units, research and development, investor relations, international collaboration, and relations with government agencies and other interested parties.

We will build relations with leading global players in the chemical industry and with energy and distribution companies which want to be trendsetters for the green shift in value chains for fuel.

Please contact our CEO, Dag Nikolai Ryste, for further information.

Dag Nikolai Ryste

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

+47 926 08 642​