Benefits with biomethanol from Glocal Green

Our biomethanol can be utilised as a green energy carrier by the transport sector and as a direct replacement for fossil sources in the chemical industry. Biomethanol is climate-neutral, can be produced in large volumes, is easy to distribute, has a high energy density, and represents both the best and the most immediately available solution for green hydrogen.

A highly efficient hydrogen alternative

From a hydrogen perspective, methanol has a very high energy density and volume efficiency. As a liquid under normal pressure and temperature, it can be stored in virtually any kind of tank.

Biomethanol with full CO2 utilisation, supplemented by hydrogen from electrolysis, contains 2.1 times more hydrogen than the liquefied form and is five times more efficient in volume terms.

Producing one kilogram of biomethanol with full CO2 utilisation and supplemented by hydrogen from electrolysis requires less than six kWh. Given a corresponding hydrogen content, its cost is less than 15 per cent of a kilogram of hydrogen liquefied at -253°C.

Rapid implementation – reduced environmental load – the easiest way to distribute hydrogen

  • Fully green fuel
  • Fully green replacement for fossil methanol in the chemical industry
  • The safest and most efficient hydrogen carrier
  • Infrastructure already in place
  • Rapid phasing-in based on existing technology